Top 5 LocalMeA Pages of May 2019

June 02, 2019

And now, the moment you didn't know you were waiting for. Here are the top five most visited pages on LocalMeA for the month of May.



Family Matters: Unique Showroom welcomes a new generation to remodeling business

It is rare these days to see a business passed along from one generation to the next, but one Lake Houston area home renovation company is keeping it all in the family.



LocalMeA Minute - Tammy Yates delivers hot meals to those flooded in Elm Grove of Kingwood

When disaster strikes, neighbors help neighbors and community heroes emerge. In this LocalMeA Minute made possible by Texas Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath we meet one of many. Her name is Tammy Yates, and she has made it her mission to get hot meals to those flooded in Elm Grove - Kingwood, TX.



Kathie loves Chachi: Couple builds happy days at Kingwood restaurant

“I was a waiter and he was a busboy,” Kathie said. “When I met him, I told him he looked like Chachi from Happy Days and he had no idea was I was talking about. One day, I turned it on in the bar and showed him. I started calling him Chachi and it kind of picked up from there.”



Picture pages: Mike and Layna Netek help relaunch the Forest Image as a staple area publication

Friendship is a powerful thing. Husband and wife couple Mike and Layna Netek are a perfect example. They are co-owners of the Forest Image magazine along with Veranda restaurant owners and former LocalMeA subjects Pat and Ray Guard


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