Top 5 LocalMeA Pages of January 2019

February 01, 2019

2019 is off to a good start and LocalMeA users were actively seeking 'Best of Local' favorites and content. Here are the Top 5 most viewed pages on LocalMeA for January 2019:


5. Pet Ranch Directory Listing


4. 10 Local Valentine's Day Ideas by Kathleen McIntosh


3. Right place, right time: Dropkick Dave Walters goes from Humble beginnings to music stardom by Johnston Farrow (note: this is pretty amazing because it jumped to the #3 spot while only being published for the last 6 hours of January)


2. Central Perk: Buster’s Brew Coffee and Deli grows into New Caney go-to for brew and eats by Johnston Farrow


and the most visited page of January 2019 goes to...


1. The LocalMeA Home Page!


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