Top 5 LocalMeA Pages of April 2019

Top 5 LocalMeA Pages of April 2019

And now, the moment you didn't know you were waiting for. Here are the top five most visited pages on LocalMeA for the month of April.



Kathie loves Chachi: Couple builds happy days at Kingwood restaurant

“I was a waiter and he was a busboy,” Kathie said. “When I met him, I told him he looked like Chachi from Happy Days and he had no idea was I was talking about. One day, I turned it on in the bar and showed him. I started calling him Chachi and it kind of picked up from there.”



Chicks & Hogs 10th Annual BBQ & Brew-Off serves over 2,200 supporters

The Family Promise of Lake Houston's Chicks & Hogs 10th Annual BBQ & Brew-Off welcomed over 2,200 supporters enjoying a day of local BBQ, brew, music, and fun throughout the day.



Remodels so good, it's spooky: Family bonds build Texas Cabinetry Kitchen and Bath

It’s probably a coincidence, but the owners of Texas Cabinetry resemble the Scooby gang themselves if they were expert home remodelers instead of ghost chasers. 



Kingwood man caught on camera taking kids bike...

Proving once again like a train wreck, people just have to look. Remember the ice cream shop owner accused one?


And the most visited page on LocalMeA for the month of April goes to...



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Chimichurri's South American Grill

Chimichurri's is an enticing spot located in a beautiful waterfront village in Kingwood, Texas. We strive to bring together the amazing South American flavor both on the dinner pl...

Hacienda Palomas Mexican Grill

Offering delicious dining and takeout to Kingwood, TX.

Tailwind Bicycles

Welcome to Tailwind Bicycles, Kingwood’s best and newest bi...

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