New Caney photographer captures families' lives on front porch in time of COVID-19

April 03, 2020

From ABC13

NEW CANEY, Texas (KTRK) -- Last week, Linda Gonzalez, a photographer in New Caney, contacted her neighbors to see who wanted to participate. She thought a few families might be game. She was overwhelmed by the response.

More than 50 families in her Tavola neighborhood wanted to be a part of the photo series.

Linda captured families on their bikes, a new mom and dad with their baby waving from the driveway, a father holding a sign that read "Essential Worker, No Days Off," standing in the garage, while his daughters sat in the house, staring out a window.

There were couples standing on stacks of paper towels, a mother and daughter holding Clorox wipes, and a man shooting toilet paper out of a homemade cannon.

"I'm going to call him the toilet paper guy," Linda told ABC13 over Facetime. "Some of them, when we pulled up, we just laughed hysterically."


When Linda took the pictures, she had had a few rules: stay near your front door while she snapped photos front the street. Her friend Mable drove Linda through the neighborhood in an open-air Jeep.

"And I told them that if they were going to participate, one of the main rules was do not go out shopping for new clothes," Linda said. "I mean, we have a lot of things, you just have to get creative, you know?"

To make sure she wasn't breaking any rules, Linda says she called the Montgomery County sheriff, who told her if she followed social distancing rules, the photo shoot would be fine.


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