How I saved more than $1,000 on a storage unit

How I saved more than $1,000 on a storage unit

I've had a 10x10 storage unit since 2016. It's close to home and convenient. The monthly rate at the time was $131. Over the years they would increase the rates, $144, $156, and most recently to $170. Not once had my 10x10 space seen any improvements. No new amenities, fancy landscaping, or luxuries of any kind. It was just a 10x10 space.


The last increase was it for me. I had to do something and noticed their online $1 move-in specials with much lower monthly rates for the same size space. It was my "aha" moment. I will simply vacate my current space and move-in to a new one at $114 per month. Genius! Well, not exactly. I went to their office to finalize arrangements that I had started online and was told that I could not take advantage of move-in specials because I was already a customer. After explaining something needed to be done because my rate doesn't seem appropriate or even fair, a phone call was made asking for some advice on how to handle the situation. A remedy was found.


The office manager was told to initiate a transfer to another unit and see what price the system would give me. It was $82 for another 10x10 space! $82? I was happy and angry all at the same time. How long had I been overpaying? Too late, didn't matter. "Sign me up!" I said. Keep in mind if this works for you, you will need to move your contents to another unit. At an annual savings of $1,056, it was worth it for me. I wonder how soon until the next rate increase?

Mark Linabury
Chief Local Influencer


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