Facebook Page Followers vs Engagement: Engagement is the winner!

24 January, 2019

There was a time, and not long ago, that the number of page followers a brand or business had meant something. It still does to a degree, but not as much when it comes to getting content in front of an audience. This becomes evident when you see a page with tens of thousands of followers but a post only gets a couple of likes, comments or shares. This is known as engagement and is the driving force for making things happen.


LocalMeA receives 60% of our website traffic from Facebook alone, so post engagement is a very important part of our marketing strategy. So when you look at post reach and post engagement, we are extremely happy to report an average engagment rate of more than 15%! Why does this make us and our promotional partners happy? Because the average rate for Facebook page posts is 0.16%. Yes, only 0.16% and most marketers will tell you they are happy with anything over 1%.


As we continue to build the LocalMeA brand, we still enjoy seeing the page likes increase and are really looking forward to getting to our first thousand. But, we really just wanted to say thank you for liking, sharing and commenting on our posts. It's how tens of thousands learn about 'Best of Local' locally-owned favorites in the Lake Houston and Greater East Montgomery County area and how you become the ultimate local influencer.

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Amedeo's Italian Restaurant

Amedeo's is locally owned and operated by Kingwood residents Tony and Leslie Raffa. Amedeo's has been a local favorite for over three decades and continues to be one of the premiere dining destinations in Northeast Houston.

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