Tutoring business builds the confidence of local children to succeed in the classroom

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Getting behind in class because a concept or lesson doesn’t make sense can be an intimidating and daunting problem for children that can get exponentially worse if they don’t get the help they need.


Thankfully, a former Humble Independent School District teacher made it her mission to provide tutoring to all those who are struggling. The aptly named Carney’s Tutoring, started by Jennifer Carney in Kingwood, is celebrating seven years of providing students personalized instruction to succeed in the classroom.


Carney’s Tutoring offers a wide-array of tutoring services, from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and even some college, across all subjects. There are individual sessions ($60 a session) and group sessions ($25 a session). Each session is 45 minutes. SAT and ACT prep sessions are also available, as are summer enrichment and computer coding offerings.


“I grew up in a family that didn’t have a lot of money and I struggled as a student,” Carney said. “My parents couldn’t afford outside help, so I thought something that was pay-as-you go and affordable and structured towards each child’s needs would be the best for families in our community.”


What started as a business with just a few students she had personally taught grew by word of mouth to now include 1500 receiving tutoring. Carney’s staff is comprised of 15 retired or current teachers with teaching certification from local school districts that have a fine understanding of the required coursework and state standards. The business works around the specific needs of students, no matter how great or small.


“We have some that come every single night to prepare, we have some that come right before a test, we have some come once a week,” Carney said. “So every kid is different and that’s what I wanted to structure it around.”


Both Jennifer and her husband, Colin are devoted to enriching the lives of students. Colin also serves on the Humble Independent School District Board of Trustees. Two of her three children, Addison and Blake, ages 10 and 5, respectively, have both utilized tutoring at the business as well.


“The way things are taught today is so different from when we went to school,” Carney said. “I know how to do it, but my daughter will tell me it’s not the way the teacher did it in class. It’s great to know that we are able to have that help for the kids.”


The individualized and group tutoring sessions are geared to work on the exact problem areas for students. This approach has paid off for hundreds of children in the community, boosting their overall sense of accomplishment, turning them into a different kind of student.


“I had a little girl come to me deflated,” Carney recalled. “She was in elementary at the time and could not pass the [Texas standardized] STAAR test in math, which was something she really wanted to overcome. We worked and worked and worked and every year we’ve seen her, she’s passed. We’ve seen her mature and believe in herself so much more, her confidence and smile, it’s why I do this.”


It’s watching students succeed in subject areas they once found difficult that motivates and fulfills Carney every day.


To get them to their goal is the most rewarding feeling ever,” Carney said.

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