The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Caterer


Professional Service for a Professional Client


Feeding and hosting a multitude of people can be difficult even on the best of days.


Relying on your own skills or a restaurant that isn’t equipped to typically host and feed larger bodies of people can be the perfect recipe for a disaster. The last thing you want or need is to host a very important client, potential client, your highly anticipated seminar attendees or even your own employees and create an atmosphere of tension in a situation in which should reduce stress instead of adding it.


Your next corporate event should be remembered. Whether it is a corporate party to celebrate all that your business has accomplished or a notable workshop to push your industry forward, your event will depend on several factors to ensure it is ran smoothly:


  • The right atmosphere. Make sure your event is hosted in a venue that is properly-suited for that specific occasion.
  • Professional staff to ensure dining is prepared and served in an acceptable manner.
  • Fiscally responsible. Avoid breaking the bank unnecessarily without sacrificing the experience afforded to your guest.
  • Trained professionals who are properly equipped to handle corporate-specific events and produce a smooth experience from beginning through the end.


Trusting a professional catering service with your next corporate event can not only avoid disaster but enhance your event by taking it to the next level and beyond.



Restaurant or Professional Catering Services? 


The idea of using a restaurant can be tempting for many companies who are hosting and looking to impress.

Finding a venue can prove difficult and the atmosphere is already set. Why wouldn’t you just default to a restaurant?

We’re so glad you asked…


The Right Catering Service Will Eliminate the Stress of Acquiring a Venue


Catering companies, particularly those who are great at what they do, will have establishments ready to partner with and a staff capable of creating the perfect atmosphere for your business event.


Furthermore, if you have space on your own campus, using a catering service will provide your corporate event with the perfect opportunity to create 5-star service without the need of leaving and disrupting the group.


Restaurants May Limit Their Menu


Having to accommodate a large number of people potentially out of thin air can present a true logistical nightmare for almost any establishment. To offset this and keep other guests happy, the restaurant you’ve picked because of their wide variety of food for everyone may only in actuality offer to serve your party a portion of the menu, effectively passing that nightmare right back onto you. Avoid the hassle and create a unique and mouthwatering culinary experience with an experienced corporate catering service.


Logistical Problems Don’t End In the Kitchen


Service is a great part of any notable dining experience and having a few servers who have a large number of people to attend to but also have to balance the responsibilities of the rest of their tables, can leave you and your guests wanting more.


A proper catering company will provide all of the benefits of a restaurant without any of the potential downside connected to your event.



Catering Companies Specialize In Events


Caterers are there to do exactly just that, cater to your needs. They are in existence to attend events and create seamless moments for the hosts and guests alike.


A catering company that is specifically equipped to handle a corporate event will be well trained in knowing how to balance the fun and ambiance of the event with the business side of things that are also in play. Caterers are professionals and can create an experience that is unmatched by any other purveyor of food.


Customizable service, food options, plating, dining style, themes, and more are all standard business operations for them and they are accustomed to things other providers of food may not be; additionally, customization may go farther than one may realize:


  • Passed hors d’oeuvres, a coursed meal, or buffet style? Caterers can provide solutions depending on your needs to match an occasion appropriately.
  • A variety of food options from the actual items to the very presentation.
  • Is this a social event or a work event? Regardless, professional catering staff can provide attentive yet respectful, professional service to you and your guests.


You’re an expert in (insert your industry here), allow the experts in creating unforgettable moments to curate your next event. With the right chef, your event will become a culinary canvas onto which the artist will create a masterpiece.


A Corporate Catering Company Can Help Save Money


At the end of the day, you’re still a business and while a quick splurge may feel good, even in accepted cost occurring ventures, chances are it pays to be fiscally responsible.


Catering companies are positioned to provide a wide variety of cuisine for an affordable price that can work for your company’s budget and maximize your dollars as they go towards your event.


Some catering companies also provide their clients with very customizable menus and packages which will therefore also affect the price. This puts more control in the hands of your business as opposed to seeking out a restaurant and simply paying for that $60 steak with no side because that’s what the menu says and there’s no room to negotiate; don’t forget that this can become an even more involved issue should the restaurant decide to limit the menu for your party.


Caterers Have Fewer Boundaries and Proper Practices


Another wonderful benefit of corporate catering is that they are the perfect solution for events that are a bit more off-the-wall than a traditional setting.


That company picnic day?


Take it up a notch this year and forget about Bob’s “World Famous Mystery Loaf” or Karen’s “Delicious Potato Salad” that’s secretly been sitting in the sun for 2 hours.


Professional catering services can take the food to your off-site event all while providing excellent service, effective cleanup, proper food handling to ensure safety, and of course an enticing meal.


Serving alcohol?


This can be a liability nightmare for many businesses. Ensure your company’s protection with trained, licensed handlers who can help not only protect your company but your guests from themselves with the skills and authority to cut off potential problems before they develop.



Convenience For Your Next Corporate Event


The many benefits of hiring a corporate catering service for your company’s next event cannot be overstated.


Quality dishes, impeccable service, peace of mind, a variety of options, and ultimately, it can replace a lot of the stress that can be associated when hosting such an event.


If you’re planning a corporate event, consider the professional staff that has been catering to the needs of Houston’s many businesses since 2011. The Hometown Chef has the partnerships, experience, training, staff, and expertise to create an event of unmatched heights. From the most intimate of meetings to the largest assembly of industry titans, if you need a professional corporate caterer, contact us today at (832) 304-1433.

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