She’s got the look: Atascocita aesthetician shines a light on skin care

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Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? Yes, it’s a line from the age-old fairy tale, but it also proves Snow White had a really great aesthetician.
No matter the complexion, one Atascocita skin care salon offers the experience and education to bring out the healthiest appearance for your body’s largest and most visible organ.


Shannon McIntire is the owner of Shannon McIntire Skin Care, which specializes in all forms of skin treatment. McIntire is a licensed clinical aesthetician with 15 years in the industry, a graduate of the famed Aveda Institute Esthetics program, among various other educational disciplines. She loves her work and what she does for her clients.


“The skin is such a complex organ, it’s definitely a reflection of your overall health,” McIntire said from her salon. “It’s the first thing people see, so to be able to help people with that and feel better with that, it’s fantastic.”


McIntire’s story is common among many small business owners. She sought a life change, realizing she wasn’t happy with her place in the corporate world.


“It just wasn’t my passion,” she said about her former career. “After a lot of soul searching, I realized that esthetics and skin care was something I really love to do.”


She left her job and enrolled into beauty school to become a full-time aesthetician. Following the completion of her program, she joined a beauty salon in Kingwood, but the itch to become a business owner was too great to ignore. Shannon McIntire Skin Care opened in 2012 in the King’s Harbor shopping and dining complex, moving to her current Atascocita location following Harvey flooding.


Shannon McIntire Skin Care provides a variety of services, including facials and skin treatments, airbrush tanning, waxing, and tinting. The salon uses the most cutting-edge techniques to acquire the most optimal results.


The salon has been named by Living Lake Houston magazine as the Readers’ Choice Award for best spa, best skin treatments, best waxing, and best place for Botox, two years in a row.


“My job is to help you have the most healthy skin that you can have,” she said. “Primarily, most people’s concern is anti-aging. People are living longer, they want to look better. It’s everything from traditional facials to more cutting edge systems such as LED light therapy, hydrafacials, dermaplaning. There are a lot of tools in the toolbox.”


McIntire is constantly educating herself on the newest skin care technology and products and the science behind them. For instance, LED light therapy, a service McIntire offers, is directly tied to NASA, when it was used to help heal the wounds of astronauts in zero gravity.


“Skin care is a multi-billion dollar business,” she said. “There are new formulations of products, there are new techniques, there are new machines, there is always something new coming out. But consumers are savvy – they are learning about ingredients and product knowledge, so you have to keep up with it.”


It’s this insistence on educating herself and her clients to obtain the best results, and her passion for personal care of those she works with, that has made Shannon McIntire Skin Care a successful business with a long list of repeat customers.


“I love the fact that I get to help people look better and feel better about themselves,” McIntire said. “It’s not a vanity thing by any means. If you feel comfortable in your own skin, you feel like a better person.”

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