Remodels so good, it's spooky: Family bonds build Texas Cabinetry Kitchen and Bath

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It’s always nice to have extra help at work, even if it’s in the form of Casper the ghost.


“We had our opening party on April 3 and heard from people that used to work at The Observer that their radio would just turn on,” Gina Grezlovski, Texas Cabinetry co-owner said. “[Sales manager] Ali’s computer has been tweaking, it flickers, goes on and off, and goes green. It’s so weird.”


It’s probably a coincidence, but the owners of Texas Cabinetry resemble the Scooby gang themselves if they were expert home remodelers instead of ghost chasers. Grezlovski and her fiancée, Umit Iljazovski, along with his brother Ersan, and close family friend, Ali Ziyad, originally came together working part-time for Grezlovski’s family construction company but wanted to make a name for themselves on their own terms.


The idea for the business came to life after Gina and Umit purchased their first home in Chicago, which Grezlovski called “a complete gut job.” It was the first time they had tackled a full remodeling job on their own. 


Ali, Gina, Umit & Ersan

Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media


“Ersan and Umit are brothers, and Ali, we’ve known for over 10 years,” Grezlovski said. “They helped us with our house and remodeling it. We realized how we enjoyed being our own bosses, purchasing our own items, finding the vendors to work with. We just had fun with the transformation process.”


A trip to visit a niece attending the University of Houston convinced them the city would be a great place to start a business. The four close friends and family members, all under the age of 30, put their resources together and relocated to Humble in 2015. No, they didn’t do it in the Scooby van, but it was the start of Texas Cabinetry Kitchen and Bath.


The shop specializes in hand-selected products from local vendors and from their Windy City connections. They are self-taught in remodeling and design and quickly gained an impeccable reputation for perfectly built and installed high-quality cabinets, countertops, bathroom vanities, nightstands, entertainment centers, even meeting tables. All their products are made from high-end maple or birch wood, but they take special orders, like European flat panels, with shiny lacquer finish.


Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media


And just like Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy, they had to learn to work as a team. Umit is the general manager who specializes in IT and finance. Gina is the account manager and assists with marketing and promotions. Ali, the sales manager, is hands-on with installation at job sites. Ersan is the sales manager and is an expert with measurements and taking customers through the remodeling phases. All four conduct sales and help with designs.


“Since day one, it’s always been a learning process,” Umit Iljazovski said. “We’ve had curveballs thrown our way, but slowly and surely, we overcame the simple things. Three of us came from the retail side, so we got the basic concept of what it takes to manage a business, and from our different levels of experience, we were able to contribute to bringing this idea into plan.”


The four young business owners aren’t done growing, with the goal to expand to showcase their full inventory. They would also like to incorporate a space that allows them to store more product to save on shipping. Until then, they’ll continue to provide top-tier service to their many clients in the Lake Houston Area and beyond.

Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media

If things get too busy, they just might call on their co-tenant for some additional help. 


“We’re actually recruiting the ghost to build our cabinets,” Grezlovski laughs. “Free labor would be great.”


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