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An ace golfer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Sammy Hanson is “a highly motivated and driven individual” with over two decades of experience playing and teaching the game. 


“I was introduced to the game of golf and started playing in the summer of 1993, just before my 14th birthday. Self-taught and an instant student of the game, within 18 months, I became a scratch golfer.” Since then, Hanson has been offered and accepted many sales, merchandising, golf club custom fitting, and teaching roles—eventually earning Director of Instruction positions across North Houston. After completing a successful tenure with Oakhurst Golf Club in Kingwood, he established and now runs his own business, Sammy Hanson School of Golf.


Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media


“With 30,000 lessons under my belt, I now offer my expertise and full-time instruction at Tour 18 in Humble, TX… I offer multi-level group clinics for juniors, elite juniors, women, men, seniors, and corporations.”


Able to adapt to the needs of all players, from “raw beginners” to “seasoned professional golfers,” Hanson specializes in “player development” across the short game, long game, and mental game. This includes scoring ability, scrambling ability, on-course management, and more. 


Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media


“I feel that the game of golf chooses us. It’s such a reflection of our own individual lives… We prepare to have the best outcome, we commit to the situation, we accept the outcome, and we react accordingly. In golf and life, we are 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.”


Hanson says, “I am fully committed to each and every one of my students. My goal is to help every golfer to play their best golf now!”


Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media


When away from the green, Hanson maintains an active lifestyle centered on other outdoor activities like fishing and hunting, as well as working out at the gym six days per week. “On the fun and flip side of me... I love dancing to anything with a beat, and I am always ready for some good ol’ karaoke!”


Sammy Hanson School of Golf


Sharing our commitment to both business and personal development, Sammy Hanson “will be producing new and different written instruction articles, quick tips articles, and elite-level instructional/demonstrational videos.” We are excited to have him join the LocalMeA team!

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