LocalMeA welcomes digital marketing pioneer Suzette Cotto as content contributor

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Suzette Cotto plans to rescue horses and other livestock someday, but she’s a genuine pioneer that has already spent decades driving technology.


From a “young gun building the technology of the future” with one of the first Internet Service Providers in the Woodlands to a “serial entrepreneur” aiding hundreds of corporations and small businesses through Innovate Social Media, Cotto is dedicated to “qualifying entrepreneurial dreams as viable and sharing them with the world.” She has worked in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, and more but returned home to Houston with the goal of “creating economic success and diversity in our business community.” 


Cotto doesn’t limit herself to familiar frontiers, though. Throughout her career, she has taken many business risks, but the gambles have paid off. Now, with global company talent and connections to businesses across cities like London, Dubai, and Berlin, her “office has no walls,” and that leaves plenty of room for marketing innovation.


“Marketing is technology-driven,” Cotto says, “and businesses who use it optimally with things like automation, personalized user experiences, and telling AI will create more business using less resources.”


Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media


Cotto specializes in digital tools, website design, SEO, email marketing, content, keyword strategies, images and video, networking, social media, and more.


“I've lived the internet rise and offer insider information into the future of work… I plan on sharing what I know with LocalMeA clients by creating webinars and seminars that teach small business owners how to work smarter, not harder. I can teach business owners marketing, I can help business owners do marketing, or I can do it ‘all’ for business owners. The best part is you get to decide based on what we learn together and your resources.”


Cotto says she does all of this because “I am passionate about facilitating the dreams of dreamers and will make time to hear your story and what drives you... If I can do anything to help anyone, I do my best to be that person.”


Outside of her illustrious career, Cotto is on the Advisory Board for a documentary film called Pioneers In Skirts. Featuring interviews with household names like Norman Lear, Joan Darling, Gloria Steinem, and Brad Feld, the film explores what happens to women's ambition in the work world after graduation. Cotto says “it is a film of hope and collaboration” and is excited to bring it to Houston in June for a public screening and live stream with award-winning Director Ashley Maria and Producer Lea-Ann Berst. 


Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media


Above all, Cotto says, “Jesus and my family mean the world to me.” Cotto is the “proud Mom of Taylor, who is 27 and working on a degree in computer networking technology,” as well as the partner of Christy Irvin, who is “pretty much a trailblazer in her own right as an educator in Channelview ISD for over 23 years.” 


We are thrilled to have Suzette Cotto as part of the LocalMeA team, bringing both homespun relatability and global acumen to businesses in the area. And when she develops that farm property in Needville, we hope she shares her goat cheese too. 

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