Full-service florist blossoms with large selection, personalized service for over 30 years

Offered By Flowers of Kingwood

Forget internet florists. Flowers of Kingwood proves there’s a place for independently owned floral shops that provide expert, personal customer service and a wide array of flowers and plants to match every occasion.

Started by her parents in 1976, Robin Martinez bought the family business in 1987 when they decided to retire. She had little experience other than being required to water the greenhouse as a child as a chore. She was a quick study in the challenges of being a professional florist, however, and her college studies in accounting and a love of crafting helped grow and maintain a successful shop, now a Kingwood mainstay.


“We work with a perishable product that is seasonal,” said Martinez over the phone from the store.  “When I first started, it wasn’t as much of a world market as it is right now. I had to learn how to manage people, manage product, and inventory. I had to learn that just because it’s pretty, it doesn’t mean it’s going to sell.”

The products at Flowers of Kingwood, including vases and arrangement materials, come from many sources, most of them coming through a wholesaler in Houston. Flowers such as hydrangeas, lilies, snapdragons, and of course, roses, are grown on farms as far away as Kenya, Colombia, the Netherlands, and fly into Miami where they are sorted out by wholesale vendors, then trucked to the Houston market. From there, they are picked up or are delivered to the store. 

The 30-plus years in Kingwood means the full-service shop, plays an important part in the lives of community members. Martinez and her six staff members provide flowers and arrangements for a wide array of special occasions. Competing against major online companies, Flowers of Kingwood stands out for its personal touch that many consumers are seeking to find again in a brick-and-mortar location.

“Birthdays and anniversaries are the happiest occasions that we make deliveries for, we absolutely do weddings,” Martinez said. “Funerals are very sad occasions, but we take a lot of pride in doing designs that are personal to somebody. If they loved to fish or garden, we can incorporate those items into a piece, whether it’s a flower arrangement, or a plant, or a standing easel that is meaningful.”

It also pays to be organized, as Martinez plans well in advance for every holiday and major event. She annually places orders in January for the following Christmas season. Inventory for Easter, prom, and Mother’s Day is on the books as early as Valentine’s Day. 

On a personal level, she has been able to share the love and pride she has in Flowers of Kingwood with her children, and now her six grandchildren (with one on the way), just like her parents did with her. She didn’t say whether the grandkids are required to water the plants as a chore.

“I love floral design, I love the flowers,” Martinez said. “When my children were little, they’d smell my clothes and say, ‘Mom, you smell like flowers!’ My daughter is 27, and every now and then, she’ll still sniff my sleeve.”

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