From the Ground Up: How Drake A. McIntosh’s Return to His Roots Bore Fruit

It’s an ancient narrative: man branches upward and outward, but his core remains unshakeable. For Drake A. McIntosh, 24, that foundation is his hometown, the place and the people that taught him that “one of the most rewarding things is to do something creative well enough that you can answer that nagging ‘is it good enough’ question with a definite ‘yes.’”

That something is now Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media, a multi-media production powerhouse. While studying Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas at Austin, McIntosh honed a diverse skill set, including photography, cinematography, editing, animation, writing, and media analysis, which he applies to his unique business model.

“An educational structure like that usually helps people figure out what they do and don't like to do, as well as what they are and aren't good at, but for me, it was just a way to discover more things I really liked doing… Why let that go to waste?” 


Plus, “People who run a small business who want to make an advertisement don't need to hire an entire film crew who will hand off their footage to an editing team. I'm a one-stop-shop.”

After extolling the small-business-owner’s familiar virtues of being your own boss and the stresses of maintaining steady business, McIntosh explains that his favorite part of freelancing is constantly challenging himself with something new.

“Every project I work on is always a little or a lot different than the last. I might be doing wedding photos one day and designing a flyer for a stand-up show the next. And I get to meet and work with so many great people.”

McIntosh describes his storytelling style as “idealistic,” portraying ideal selves and concepts both for personal and professional projects.

“I think the term ‘idealist’ gets a bad rap and is too often associated with ‘unrealistic.’ I consider all of my work to be forms of art, and art is supposed to be for self-expression. In my case, I get to help other people express themselves better than they could on their own.”

He also applies this idealism to his home life. At heart, McIntosh is a family man, whose return to Kingwood bore children as well as business. While a potential move to Los Angeles or New York was in the works for he and his wife, the expectation of their first child brought them full-circle. 

“There was nowhere else I could imagine my baby growing up, because to me Kingwood was still home.”

And he has no regrets about that decision or the sacrifices since: “A lot of our day involves taking turns and tip-toeing our work into the kids' nap time or even waiting until they're in bed. It might sound like we're working super long days, but when they are long, they're long because we took time to just be with our sweet kiddos.”


“The truth is, I started freelancing to make money while I looked for work, but I quickly realized that I loved working from home. I've always been a homebody anyway, but now my home also contains my wife and two babies. I've made it work so far, and now I can't imagine it any other way.”


Editor's Note: We use Drake's talents extensively on LocalMeA and are fortunate to have him on our team. You can follow Drake's Facebook Page and give him a call at 832-483-3452 for your next multi-media production.

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