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New year resolutions don’t have to be sources of stress, especially when it means living healthier.


According to U.S. News, 80 percent of new years resolutions are broken by February and the University of Scranton found that only eight percent of people achieve them. 


Small goals are the secret to success. This is especially true in pursuing an improved lifestyle in 2019. Here are five resolutions that are simple to keep.


Drink more water
Water is key to life, so making sure to drink enough each day is vital to staying healthy. Water regulates the necessary maintenance of bodily functions, gets rid of wastes, regulates temperature, and lubricates joints. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommend 15.5 cups of fluids a day for men and 11.5 cups for women, whether from water, beverages or foods, so bring a large water bottle to work to stay on track.


“If you drink a lot of water and it keeps you hydrated, it helps all the organs in the body,” Donna LaMarche, president and esthetician of Essential Skin Care in Kingwood said. “Your skin is 70 percent of your body, drink water, and keep it looking good.”


Get moving
Losing weight is a popular resolution but setting a huge goal is a recipe for failure. Smaller, achievable goals will empower one to continue setting new ones. Simply moving more, whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood, going to the gym or golfing with friends, or joining a networking group are great ways to make weight loss fun.


“If it’s someone’s first time going to the gym, I recommend a small group training,” Katie Stowers, athletic director at the Clubs of Kingwood, suggested. “You won’t feel as intimidated as you would in a large group and you get that one-on-one personal training. People can relate to others that are at the level as they are.”


Catch more ZZZs
Countless scientific studies show seven to nine hours of sleep is the sweet spot. Avoiding heavy meals, nicotine, and alcohol before bed will lead to more restful sleep. Maintaining a sleep schedule also aids in feeling more alert throughout the day.


“My grandmother would say, ‘Get your beauty sleep,’” Lamarche said. “It’s true. That’s when our bodies repair and generate.”


Skin care routine
Speaking of healthier skin, practicing a nightly routine is the best way to stay looking fresh and young. Practicing proper skin care techniques pays huge dividends. An easy routine will keep that resolution on track.
LaMarche recommends using 
eye-makeup remover for the eyes specifically, then using a cleanser made to one’s specific skin type, applying a toner, exfoliating no more than twice a week, and utilizing a moisturizer to hydrate the skin.


“Using a toner closes the pores, helps brighten the skin, then it removes any residue you didn’t get from cleansing,” LaMarche said. “Then do an exfoliant, twice a week. You want to remove the impurities and go a little bit deeper so the products you purchase get into your skin.”

Check the ingredients
Processed food filled with preservatives, chemicals, and other unnatural ingredients are a disaster for the body. Checking food labels at the grocery store, eating at regular meal times, and enjoying balanced meals with simple ingredients instantly improves overall health. 


“The smartest way to start is by clean eating,” Stowers said. “That’s your meat, vegetables, potatoes. When you’re making your food, the food with the smaller amount of ingredients has so much more taste than trying to fill it up with a lot of preservatives and other unhealthy things.”


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