Family Matters: Unique Showroom welcomes a new generation to remodeling business

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It is rare these days to see a business passed along from one generation to the next, but one Lake Houston area home renovation company is keeping it all in the family.

Unique Showroom, located at 22672 Ford Rd in Porter, has been one of the most successful, one-stop remodeling businesses in the Lake Houston region since 2010. Started by Sergio DiSevo and his wife Adriana, the store and its 15 staff members use their expertise in a variety of home remodeling projects, most notably, bathrooms and kitchens. 


DiSevo Children, Christopher & Nicole

Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media

Add the DiSevo children, Nicole and Christopher, to a long-line of skilled tradespeople working alongside their parents. Nicole, 26, has been employed at the 6,000-square-foot complex four the last four years. Christopher, 19, recently joined the staff, assisting homeowners in achieving their renovation dreams.

They both have a hand in helping customers pick out and plan projects including flooring, carpet, granite, custom cabinetry, lighting, bathrooms and kitchen products from multiple, high-quality suppliers. The staff is hands-on, installing the materials, and working step-by-step with homeowners to achieve the perfect look.


Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media

“Seeing the end result is probably the most rewarding part,” Nicole DiSevo said about her work. “You get to see the customer super happy with what you have done.”

After growing up around the construction and remodeling business, Nicole, 26, chose to pursue the craft as a full-time profession, and is set to graduate from the University of Houston with a construction management degree. She plans to spend time in commercial construction but ultimately sees herself with a career in residential remodeling, Unique Showroom offering her the opportunity to pursue her passion.

“I was going the architecture route, but my dad told me there was another field in construction management,” Nicole said. “I thought, what better way to get started in that field than work for my dad who has been around the business his whole life?’ It’s been comfortable for us, since our dad has been teaching us about it since we were little.”


Adriana & Sergio DiSevo

Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media

Sergio was born in Italy before moving to Uruguay, then onto New York City, where he met Adriana. He is a master plumber and learned other trades over the course of his 35-year career. Contract work has been passed along in his family for generations and now Nicole and Christopher are part of that lineage.

The two recalled how their father taught them about different materials, how to manage a project, taking measurements on-site, coming up with designs, and problem-solving. Their mother taught them about customer service and what it takes to run a shop.


Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media

“My dad has taught us, but once he let us take over some parts, we thought, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s so much that we didn’t know that went into it,’” Nicole said. “I think learning every day, learning something new is amazing, and to learn from our dad who we see working hard every day, is even better.”

While fresh to the professional world, Christopher also sees a future in home remodeling, the philosophy of doing business already ingrained into him by his father, an avid soccer fan that coached all his children, including oldest sister, Tracy, 30, and third child Karla, 23. It’s that coaching background that makes him an ideal boss and mentor when Christopher and Nicole tackle new projects.


“We do quality work, we take our time, which shows in the end product,” Christopher DiSevo said, echoing his father’s teachings. ‘We have a slogan: ‘We don’t make excuses, we make solutions.’”


Photo: Drake A. McIntosh Digital Media

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