Dropping in with Danell: Twila Carter of The Astros Foundation

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We are so blessed to have so many that "grab the gusto" in our community and just~ "Go for it!" When I thought about the next person I would love to interview my thoughts went directly to Twila Carter. Twila Carter is the Executive Director of The Astros Foundation and has worked for the Astros' owner Jim Crane for over twenty years. 


I first met Twila when our kids went to school together and have watched her grow and blossom into a thriving and dedicated woman that is "unstoppable!" When I say unstoppable, I mean it, because in her repertoire of favorite phrases..."There is nothing I will not accomplish!", this comes immediately to mind.



Twila's favorite quote is of the bible, "Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, Be strong and courageous-- Joshua 10:25".  I believe this answers a lot of questions about who she is as a person. If you were to coin a few words about her, they might include, determined, No is not a word, positive, undeniable work ethic, fun-loving, spiritual, and genuine friend. She runs the Foundation with such accuracy and smooth workmanship; you might forget how complex and time consuming her job actually is on a day to day basis. 


Working for Jim Crane since before the birth of the Astro buy, she ran his family business, personal finances, staff, and oversaw the management of his projects. Jim Crane played baseball in College and loved the sport. When he acquired the Astros in 2011, it was a dream come true for him and his longing to own a baseball team. It was a natural progression that Twila stepped in and help him with what would be several years of renovations to bring the Astros and it's building up to the level and dream of its owner. 



Twila also oversees projects and large events for the Foundation that are Community minded and essential to the area and beyond. To date, the Foundation has given out millions of dollars to the community. Twila also tells me the volunteer list on hand now exceeds 4500 wonderful people. That is remarkable!!


On a personal note, she is a mother to two grown beautiful and intelligent sons. She loves to travel, garden, read, and laugh with her friends! There isn't a moment that goes by in this woman's life that she is not making a difference in someone else's world. 


I am so thrilled she sat down with me and agreed to give me the "scoop!" I know you will enjoy this video!  So take a peek inside Twila's life!! I dare you not to smile......



....I look forward to watching her in the future and see where God takes her from here!!! 


Until next time!!
Hugs and happiness!
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