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Oh My! When Mark Linabury called and asked me to be the contributor for his Home and Lifestyle Segment for LocalMeA, I was thrilled, to say the least! My heart pretty much thumped for joy! At that moment my mind began racing as to who would I talk about first!! In a millisecond, I thought of local community couple, Dr. Charles and Kyle Campbell! Why? Well, they are so involved in our community, so loved, they are fun, and their home is just about the most unique and creative I've ever seen! 

Harvey impacted us all in one way or another. We all understand the emotions it evoked.... and for Charlie and Kyle, they were affected on a large scale. Dr. Campbell lost his Chiropractic Practice, their home, and parent's home all in one sweep! Today Dr. Campbell has a thriving practice with Functional Medicine and Kyle is very active in our community! She also just received FamilyTime's Women of Achievement Award for the "Spirit of FamilyTime"! A well-deserved honor indeed!



The first time I walked into the Campbell's home I was mesmerized when I took a step inside. The view of the water and the sunlight from the outside hit me with happiness even though I was inside the home and not out in the yard. Their home seems to be an ever-flowing ebb of inside to outside, and outside to inside.....Perhaps that is what contemporary is all about, but I immediately understood the love people have for this type of design. 


They have windows everywhere from the top of the roof with angles, to a sweep around glass effect with the walls of the home. Kyle and Charlie have surround sound in all parts of the home and outside. I was immediately engulfed in a lovely classic musical sound which added to the ambiance of the home. Kyle impressed upon me that in their thoughts of rebuilding, they wanted to have low lighting in and around areas to provide a cozy and warm feeling. I guess you could say that in visiting this home, I felt as though I somehow stepped inside some resort I would have gladly paid money for to be able to spend a little reflective time there! I was enchanted.



The home has been well thought out for their lifestyle and needs.



The Italian kitchen design cabinets all have a flush look and you would have to look a bit to know where to open the refrigerator. There is a wine bar and coffee nook as well as streamlined countertops that cover the kitchen. The front door as well as the doors that open to the media room all are mirrored twins and have a soft push close to them. The door edges and cornered walls have been rounded to be smooth in finish and are flush to the eye. Kyle told me that she took her time to think about all of the various extras they wanted in the home. Their look is minimal with a touch of Classic Modern Contemporary. She also created different areas around the home to be able to enjoy life to it's fullest....vignettes if you will.



Imagine sitting in the two chairs near the kitchen under a magnificent piece of art talking to the cook as she slices cheese and places grapes on a board. Sitting down in the two chairs, she places the cheese board on the ottoman and you both engage in lovely conversation while sipping a glass of wine. Sitting in the media room in recliner grey chairs you are able to watch your favorite weekly show in style...That good page-turner book reads better when you lie on the chaise in the bedroom with a dim glowing light overhead and your legs stretched out as you also face the large window to the outside water!... Not to mention having friends over to sit on the porch to watch the evening sun go down with the 100-foot water feature that gives you that soothing water flowing sound. Not only do you hear the sound but your eyes are able to see the ever-lowering sun over the large water basin and golf course. When I look at their outside space, I can just see the smiling faces, laughing, and glasses all clinking by the water's edge. 



The Campbell's have a large bedroom with a fireplace and big-screened tv, electric curtains and shades, and a solid view of the water as well. I was mesmerized by the large soaking tub and the shower lending to yet another spectacular view of the water and landscape!



The guest room, yes to which I wanted to stay a while!, is equipped for maximum cozy enjoyment for their guests with a large bathroom and coffee bar with refrigerator. 


I was so impressed by the way the Campbells thought of their needs and dreams in their home. Possibly too many times we hurry into a home and want to unpack at jet speed and forget that we might linger a while to create our "perfect" space. For the Campbells, taking their time about what they really wanted, was the perfect recipe for their very own happiness together. I thoroughly enjoyed living their dream but for a short afternoon. I do hope you enjoy the pictures of their home. I think you will be able to feel a bit of the love and dreams fulfilled from the colored photos!



Thank you Dr. Charlie and Kyle Campbell for allowing us a glimpse into your life. I couldn't be happier for the two of you and the life you have created for yourself. 



I am very excited about bringing you creative, interesting, and unique segments for LocalMeA. Stay tuned as I venture into yet another story, another life, and another dream!! I'm thrilled to be able to share this community of which we all so love and adore...


Danell Fields

Realtor at JLA Realty


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