Dropping In With Danell: Dr. Katherine Perrson of Lone Star College-Kingwood

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Katherine Persson, President of Lone Star College -Kingwood.  Dr. Persson makes her home in Splendora, Texas on ten acres of beautiful countryside where she resides with her husband Andrew and her two dogs. They also have three grown children.


Katherine with her husband Andrew
Viking Danube River in Budapest, Hungary


The moment Dr. Persson walks in a room, you are struck by her extraordinary ability to connect with others. Next, you might notice how impeccable and beautifully dressed she is along with what I would call gorgeous "posture"! She displays warmth and you can feel right away she is a person committed to making this world a better place. When she is around her smile radiates and you feel that she is listening only to what you have to say! You will truly feel you are the only one in the room at that very moment. It is a special quality indeed that she is blessed with naturally. 


She is a woman of tremendous accomplishment having been one of the founding professors at the initial opening of North Harris College now Lone Star College. She initially started teaching Anatomy and Physiology classes at the college while moving into a Full-time Biology instructor position. She helped develop the first Associate of Applied Science in Biotechnology in the State of Texas. During her tenure at the college, she was the Department coordinator, Dean of Science, and Vice President of Educational Programs and Student Development. 


Grandparents Day: Dr. Persson and her precious grandchildren 


She was determined to obtain her Ph.D. and drove tirelessly from Austin back and forth to her home and Lone Star College. For three years she made this trek and completed her doctorate degree in Educational Administration from the University of Texas in Austin.


She is known at the campus for her compassion and support toward the professors and staff in all areas at the college. Her efforts to help students and families after Hurricane Harvey was truly inspiring. Together with her team, as she puts it, they wove Lone Star College back into a thriving online campus as she also helped rebuild Lone Star College through its construction phase. Now, during this Corona Virus, she is providing support yet again for students' learning.


She sits on numerous boards both for her community as well as her profession in Education. She is able to provide professionalism, great knowledge, and wise advice to those she touches. 


Dr. Perrson in Budapest off Hero’s Square whereby her father’s
family has a street named after his ancestors


I have learned she is a whiz in the kitchen and her gardens outside are ever-expanding with many vegetables and fruits. Being Hungarian, she is known by her family for her delicious family roots Hungarian Goulash dish! Gardening is also a passion! When she is not performing her duties as President, you can find her knee-deep in mulch and seedlings. Gardening, she says, makes her happy as does the outdoors. 


I hope you enjoy the video segment of my article as well. Get to see what all the "fuss" is about when I say that Dr. Persson is a community treasure. We have been so blessed to have her guiding our youth as they embark on their journeys into adulthood. Thank you Dr. Persson for allowing us to see a peek into who you are as an Administrator and as a person. 




Danell Fields

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