Central Perk: Buster’s Brew Coffee and Deli grows into New Caney go-to for brew and eats

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Take the coffee house from the timeless sitcom, Friends, give it a wholesome country living makeover, and it might look like Tayra Peterson’s creation, Buster’s Brew Coffee and Deli.

New Caney, long a rural outskirt just outside the Houston city limits in East Montgomery County, isn’t the first place one thinks of when seeking out a dedicated coffee shop. But one has found a welcome home in the community, becoming a favored meeting spot in an area experiencing fast growth.

Enter Buster’s Brew Deli, the first dedicated coffee shop in the area. Opened in 2014 by Tayra Peterson and her husband, Matt, Buster’s serves a long list of beverages – caffeinated and non-caffeinated – as well as a delicious menu of breakfast dishes, sandwiches, paninis, and hearty soups. Located at the corner of TX-494 Loop and FM 1485, the shop is a central hub for people to bring their families in for a meal, conduct business meetings, or sip a cup of joe.


“All of my staff is very inviting, they get to know people on a first name basis, they get to know the issues they go through,” Peterson said. “All and all, we care about people.”

Peterson, formerly a homemaker raising three children, Abigail, 15, and twins, Joanna and Christian, 12, got the idea to start Buster’s after visiting a similar establishment in a small town during a vacation. She dove into finding out what it takes to run a successful coffee shop. An empty space located next to her husband’s business, Buster’s Propane, would make the perfect spot.


“In true blood American fashion, I just did it because I could,” Peterson recalled. “I researched it – I went to Austin for two weeks, stayed there while my husband was working on getting some licenses for his company. I took my kids and went in and out of roasters and coffee shops and asked a lot of questions. But a lot of it was jumping in the deep end.”

Buster’s is a welcoming space, with country and western décor, the comfortable atmosphere something Peterson had in mind when she was developing the idea. Baristas greet guests at the door, and large tables or couches allow customers to relax while their orders are being made. Board games and books are on hand to enjoy. 

Employees are hired based on their positive, encouraging energy. Peterson said they are a very tight-knit unit and become like family – sometimes quite literally. Her eldest daughter works at the shop and her second manager married her brother.


“I hope that each time someone works here, that when they leave, they are a better person – a better mother, a better wife, they are a better friend,” Peterson said. “That’s really my goal and because of that, it transfers to our customers. We have a reputation for being a very friendly, inviting environment where people keep coming back.”

Expect Buster’s Coffee and Deli to take an even more central role in New Caney as more residents move to the area, many who will surely need their caffeine fix.


“All in all, the more business you have is because of the more people you have,” Peterson said. “I’m proud of my community – when I grew up, there was just a caution light and now it’s hard to pull off my road. I’m very proud of what we’ve established out here.”

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