Are you a promoter or a detractor when it comes to writing online reviews?

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Do you write online reviews and have you ever looked at your review trail? It can reveal much about your personality. Are you a promoter or a detractor?


We hold our LocalMeA Featured Business Partners to a standard of an average combined review rating of 4 stars and above using Google and Facebook. We would like to challenge you as reviewers to a similar standard. While it is important to let businesses know if you had a less than desirable experience and why, it is just as important to let them know things went as expected, or hopefully even better.


How do you know if you are a promoter or a detractor? Look at your own review trail. For example on your Facebook profile you can go to "more" and then "reviews". Add up all of your star ratings and then divide that by the number of reviews. This is your average review rating. Is it above a 3? Congratulations! Your are a Promoter and take the time to share the better things you have experienced. If it is exactly 3 you are Neutral. If it is below a 3 you are a Detractor and seem to go out of your way to review mostly on your negative experiences. Which one are you?


We hope you as an online reviewer take the challenge to be a Promoter!


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June 05, 2018
Gadget MD - Rooted in the Livable Forest
Gadget MD - Rooted in the Livable Forest

Atif Ilyas, the founder and owner, is a native of Kingwood. He opened the doors of the very first Gadget MD right here in our community and has since expanded to 16 locations throughout the Houston area.

January 14, 2019
Proud to be EMC: LocalMeA visits with GEMC Chamber's President and new Chairman
Proud to be EMC: LocalMeA visits with GEMC Chamber's President and new Chairman

On January 1, Mark Linabury started his one-year term as the Chair of the Board for the Greater East Montgomery Chamber of Commerce.

April 30, 2019
Kathie loves Chachi: Couple builds happy days at Kingwood restaurant
Kathie loves Chachi: Couple builds happy days at Kingwood restaurant

Chachi’s Mexican Restaurant is a cornerstone of Kingwood Town Center, a hotspot of activity that’s always busy in when friends and family gather for lunch, after work and school for a great meal in a comfortable atmosphere.

By Johnston Farrow

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The Furniture Outlet in Humble

We offer the same name brands as any other furniture store, at a fraction of the price. We pride ourselves in offering "BIG store" furniture at small prices! We encourage all shoppers to give us "The Little Guy" a try before you buy!

Innovate Social Media

Our biggest focus is helping business owners understand the power of online marketing by helping your team find ways to align marketing activities with your business goals. Featuring SEO, website design, social media management and content management

Local Influence, LLC

Local Influence produces the digital platform LocalMeA. Currently serving the Lake Houston and East Montgomery County area.

Hacienda Palomas Mexican Grill

Offering delicious dining and takeout to Kingwood, TX.

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